Dragon Warrior II Online Walkthrough Pt. 3
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Dragon Warrior II Online Walkthrough Pt. 3

Dragon Warrior II Walkthrough
Version 1.0
Christopher Lee Boger

Note: This is only the walkthrough. For the remainder of the things such as weapon stats, spell charts, monster charts, etc., find the appropriate section which should be (or will be) located at the same place as this walkthrough. Text versions should also be available for download at the same location.

This walkthrough will contain story spoilers, so if you do not wish that, perhaps use the FAQs section found at the same address which offers varying degrees of explanation in order for you to beat the game more or less yourself, with the least amount of prompting possible.

The Sea Cave The Cave to Rhone, the Life Crest
The Isle of Rubiss The Cave to Rhone, the Final Assault
The Final Refuge and preparations Hargon's Castle, into the heart of darkness
The final battle Congratulations!!! The End
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(( SEA CAVE ))

     Treasures:  GP, Herb

     If you choose to travel through the lave to the West and North you can get a chest of GP,
but it's questionable whether it's worth it.
     I'd just head South, avoiding the lava, and head West when you can.  Skip all the dead 
end side passages and stay on the visible path.  Near where it turns South you can enter the 
North side passage and obtain an herb from a chest.  Otherwise continue South to the stairs.

     Treasures:  None

     The dark path you see just South of you upon arrival on this floor leads to a chest, but
it's a poison trap.  Leave it be, and head out staying on the visible path.  Go South when you
can.  Once you've turned South, head West on the visible path until you see a lava covered 
path going North.
     Follow this and use the stairs you find here to reach level-3.

     Treasures:  GP

     Open the Gold key door, the chest in the Northwest corner is GP, but the other is a poison
trap.  Continue South and follow the path to a large collection of stairs.
     There are 4 rows of stairs from North to South.  On the second row (Starting from the
North) take the Western set of stairs down to level-4.

     Treasures:  Dragon's Bane

     You can grab a Dragon's Bane from a chest just north of you upon your arrival on this 
floor.  Your goal is to head due West from where you arrived on the floor to the wall and then
a bit North to the stairs to level-5.

     Treasures:  Eye of Malroth

     You'll be forced to fight two Evil Clowns not long after you begin exploring this floor.
Use the same patterns you've used before, weakening the enemies with indirect attack spells 
and strengthening yourself with defensive spells.  Once you've beaten them proceed forward
and collect the Eye of Malroth.

     Now head back to Beran, rest and save your game.  You're getting ready for the journey to
Rhone, so it might be wise to put a Sheild of Strength in the Princess' inventory if you can
afford to.  She cannot equip the Sheild, but she can use it as an item in battle to recover her
HP via it's Healmore-like ability.  You can sell the Moon Fragment now, because you will no
longer need it.

     Go to the House of Healing in Beran.  At the back of the house is a jailor's key door, 
hidden in darkness.  Open this, cast stepguard, and enter the teleporter.

     You'll appear inside a small shrine.  Cast stepguard again and exit to emerge in a small
sheltered valley.  Head Westward toward the swamp.

     Walk one step into the swamp at it's Northmost edge and use the Eye of Malroth to open
the cave to Rhone.

     You should be at about levels 23, 21, 17 before entering this cave.  Don't be surprised if
you end up having to retreat several times, as this cave has VERY tough enemies inside.

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     Treasures: None

     Make your way toward the Southeast corner of the floor.  Stay near the Southern wall to 
avoid pitfalls that will drop you onto the basement floor below farther from your destination
     Near the Stairs up that lead to level 2 in the Southeast corner, you'll see a set of 
stairs down to the Northwest.  Head for these stairs and use them.

     Treasures: Life Crest

     You should see a treasure chest not very far South of you.  Head down and grab the Life
Crest from the chest.  You'll be attacked by groups of Horks almost every step, and their
ability to put your party to sleep will prove a nuisance as you try to get the Crest.  Once
you've collected the chest, exit the cave and head back to Beran.

     Rest up and save your game in Beran.  Now get on board the boat and make your way to
Midenhall.  From there, sail South as if you were heading to Osterfair Castle again, you should
find the Isle of Rubiss, which is a single square of land with a monolith on it.

((( Back to Top )))


     Make your way to the bottom level of the monolith.  It's quite a way down.  Once on the
lowest floor, make your way over to stand on the white square.
     The voice of Rubiss will come to you and give you some information, it will then bestow
the Charm of Rubiss on you because you have collected all the Crests.
	Exit the monolith and cast Return to make your way back to Beran.

	Rest up and save your game again.  Then it's time to make your way back to the Cave to
Rhone for the real assault.

((( Back to Top )))

     Treasures:  None

     This time, make your way to the Southeast corner and use the stairs up you find here.
Don't forget to hug the Southern wall to avoid the pit traps.

     Treasures: None

     The second floor of this cave is designed to confuse.  The whole floor has a repetitive
pattern of corridors and hallways that look exactly alike.  The key to finding the set of 
stairs up is to follow this pattern when choosing which paths to take.
     First, go East.  Then turn South as soon as a path that direction presents itself.  Then
take the first available path East.  Keep doing this East then South pattern and you'll find
the stairs up to level-3.

     Treasures:  Lottery Ticket

     Head Southwest first.  Pass up the first dark path you see, as it is a useless dead end.
So is the second dark path you come across.
     You'll be presented with a choice of three dark paths next.  Take the North one and you
can collect a Lottery Ticket from the chest there.  The South path is a dead end and the East
one takes you to where you want to go.
     Grab the ticket if you want, then head East and use the stairs you find here.
     Treasures:  None

     Not much to this section of the fourth floor.  Just a small passageway and a set of stairs
up you need to use.
     Treasures:  Armor of Erdrick

     Collect the Armor of Erdrick from the chest and equip it on the Hero.  Then backtrack to 
your starting point on the third floor.

     Treasures:  GP (Two more chests of GP may be obtained by taking side trips from this floor
                     to level-5)

     From the stairs you arrived upon level-3 originally, you have a choice of three directions
you can go.  South obviously goes to the Armor, which you have.  West simply leads to a chest
of GP that is questionable in value to go after on the Fifth floor.  The path you want to take
is North.
     Strike out North.  The first dark passage you see has a chest with some GP in it.  The
next dark path on the West is a dead end, as is the one after that on the East side.
     Continue North until the path splits into two final dark passages leading East and West.
Going West will only get you some GP (decent amount though) on the fifth floor.  East is the
direction you want to go to make it to the next floor.
     Grab the GP if you want, then take the Eastern path and use the stairs up you find here.

     Treasures:  None

     Another singularly uninteresting section of the fourth floor.  Once again just cross the
short space and use the stairs up.

     Treasures:  None

     Walk due North until you hit the wall.  Then walk due West and you should fall in a 
pitfall down to the fourth floor.

     Treasures:  None

     The fourth floor sure is boring in this cave isn't it?  Make your way to the Southwest
corner of the floor.  There is a pitfall in this area which will drop you down to the third
floor, where you want to go.

     Treasures:  Thunder Sword

     Collect the Thunder Sword from the chest and equip it on the Hero.  Make your way to the
end of the path and you'll find a pitfall that will drop you down to the second floor.

     Treasures:  None

     Make your way to the end of the path here and you'll find another pitfall that will drop
you back onto level-1.

     Now might be a good time to exit the cave and head back to Beran to rest and recharge.  
You're on the first floor of the cave anyway, you're probably pretty weak by now, and you have
items clogging up your inventory.
     If you choose to return to Beran right now, sell off the Armor of Gaia and Erdrick's 
Sword.  Even though they aren't worth squat for GP, you need to free up the space in your
inventory for other items.  Rest and save your game, then return to the Cave to Rhone and make
your way back to the Fifth floor where you dropped down the pit to begin the descent to the
Thunder Sword.

     Treasures:  None

     Start out on these directions from the stairs where you first arrive on this floor.  What
you are doing is avoiding enormous amounts of pitfalls that are going to put you back on the 
boring old fourth floor and force you to make your way back to the fifth floor all over again.
     Go North 2 steps first to make your way around the stone block that is in your way to the
West.  Once you're around the block, head due West until you run into another stone block.
     Now go due South until you hit the stone block there.  Go around this block on it's West
side.  Then walk directly under the block one step.  From here, turn and go due South to the
Southern wall.
     Now go due East until you hit the Eastern wall, and use the stairs you find here to reach
the sixth floor.

     Treasures:  None

     You are presented with several dark paths in each section of this floor.  If you do not
choose the correct one, you'll be teleported without any sort of warning or indication back
to other rooms you've already been in.  If you don't follow these directions exactly, you'll
end up wandering on this floor in an eternal loop forever getting the crapola beat out of you.
     In the first room you have choices in all directions.  You want to take the passage which
leads East.
     Once you enter the new area, you have a choice of East and West.  The path West is the
one you want to take.
     In the next area you have a choice of East and West once again.  This time you want to
take the path East.
     You have a choice of North, South, or East in the next area.  You want to take the path
East this time.
     You are presented with two paths going East in this area.  Take the Northern one to make
it to the next area.
     Follow this path until it forks again.  There are two paths North in this area.  You want
to take the Western one to reach the next section of the floor.
     You are now presented with a path North and one East.  You want to take the path which
leads North.
     Follow this until you are presented with a choice of East and West.  Take the Eastern
path and follow it to the stairs up.  Use them to reach the surface.

((( Back to Top )))

     You'll now emerge in the high valley of Rhone.  The enemies here are frightfully dangerous
and extremely annoying.  They have vast physical strength, instant death spells, powerful
magical attack spells, and other abilities too numerous to mention.
     Try using Surround to confound Giants and Cyclops.  If you have the Defeat spell, use it
against Blizzards, it seems pretty effective.  Try Stopspell on Gold Batboons to prevent them
from using Fireband and Sacrifice on you.  If you have the Explodet spell, you can utilize it
with some effectiveness on Blizzards and Batboons.
     Make your way Northward.  Stay on the snow (white sand looking stuff) until you see some
water in the North.  Make your way toward the Eastern edge of the valley and you'll see 
bridges leading to a Monolith, this is the Final Refuge.  Enter the Final Refuge.

     Talking to the Healer inside this monolith will heal your party to max HP and MP.  It will
also revive dead party members (very likely around here!!).  You can also save your game here
in the final refuge, and I suggest you do so.  Your Return spell will be set at the Final
Refuge once you save your game here.
     Now hang around the area and build up GP and XP, returning to the Final Refuge as needed
to revive party members and recharge HP and MP.  Keep yourself well healed in this area, as
enemies can do LOTS of damage in a single round, and they get first attacks very often.
     Your first goal is to obtain 25,000 GP.  Once you have it, return to the Final Refuge and
save your game.

     Step on the teleporter at the Southern side of the Shrine and you'll reappear in the 
shrine near the cave to Rhone.  Step off the teleporter and back onto it to return to Beran.
     Sell off any items you do not need (like cursed armor and weapons from monster treasure
chests), and set sail for Tuhn.
     In Tuhn, purchase a Falcon Sword for the Prince.  While his attack power drops, the 
Falcon Sword allows him to attack two times each round of battle.  I've totaled up the average
damages of the Iron Spear's single attack and the Falcon Sword's weaker two attacks rather
extensively, and you consistently do more cumulative damage with the Falcon Sword equipped on
the Prince.

     Now head back to Rhone by casting Return.  Your next goal is to get 21500 GP so you can
get a Sheild of Strength for the Hero to carry around in his inventory.  This will give him
some ability to heal himself when necessary.  You can get a Sheild of Strength in Beran when
you have obtained enough GP.
     Your next goal is to make it to level-25 on the Prince.  At level-25 the Prince will get
the Revive spell, which will prove to be almost a necessity in the journeys ahead.
     After this, it's up to you.  I usually hang around the area for a bit longer and level up
at least a couple more levels to 27 or 28 on the Hero before I make the assault on Hargon.
     Decide when you are ready, then strike out for the final battle.

     Head out from the Final Refuge toward the Northern edge of the valley.  When you reach
them, turn West.  Try to use your Sheilds of Strength for healing as much as possible until you
reach the castle.  Actually, try to use them instead of magic any chance you can that won't
threaten your existence in battle.
     Stay on the forest, avoiding foothills as you continue West.  You'll eventually be forced
to turn South.
     You'll be presented with two choices after turning South.  You can either go West through
forest or East through foothills.  Take the Eastern path through the foothills, as there is a
part of this where weaker enemies live and it will help you to conserve power as you make your
way to Hargon's Castle.

     Follow this path as it curves South.  It will open up in the South in a snow field and 
you will see a path Northward through some foothills.  Follow this path North to reach Hargon's

((( Back to Top )))


     Treasures:  None anywhere within the castle whatsoever.

     This will appear to be Midenhall Castle, but it's just an illusion.  Whoever has the 
Charm of Rubiss in their inventory should use it.  Rubiss' power will destroy the illusion and
let you see the town as it really is.  Don't bother using the Inn or the Healer or buying 
anything while you are in the illusionary castle.  All such benefits will vanish the moment
you exit the castle or when you use the Charm of Rubiss.
     Once you have destroyed the illusions, make your way North toward the throne and the
damage floor.  Head to the farthest point Northwest you can reach without stepping on the
damage floor and cast Stepguard.  Then step onto the damage floor and make your way to the 
Northwest corner of the damage floor.  Point yourself at the North wall and use the Jailor's
key to open the hidden door here.

     Go through the door and cast Stepguard again.  Now head East toward the dark spot you
see to your North.  Use the Golden key here to open the door and step through.

     Cast Stepguard again and make your way North to the white square.  Once you step on it,
cast Stepguard again and continue North to stand on the Grey square here.

     Use the Eye of Malroth here and you'll be transported to level-2


     Head North and enter the roofed area from it's West side to find the stairs to the third
floor.  Beware Mace Masters in this Castle, they wield lots of dangerous magic.  The most 
dastardly one they use is Revive though.  You'll kill most of the enemies and then the annoying
Mace Master will chant Revive and bring them back to life at full HP.


     Only one way to go, so make your way to the South, enter the roofed area, and then head
North to find the stairs to level-4.


     Only one way to go again.  Loop around the floor and enter the roofed area.  Within this
area you'll encounter the first of Hargon's bodyguards, Atlas.

     You should be using the Parry/Attack trick against all of the bodyguards in the castle,
as they can do VAST amounts of damage.  Without this trick, you have little to no hope of
surviving without earning several more levels.
     The Hero should attack with his weapon.  The Prince should cast Increase every so often 
to boost defensive power against Atlas' strong attacks.  The Prince and Princess should 
otherwise concentrate on keeping the party healthy with Healmore and Healall.  When the Prince
and Princess don't need to do anything in particular, have them Parry.
     The battle is by no means easy, but once you defeat Atlas, proceed to the stairs up and 
make your way to the fifth floor.


     Head to the Northwest corner of the floor and enter the roofed area here.  Here you'll
encounter the second of Hargon's bodyguards, Bazuzu.
     Once again the Hero should just whail away with the Thunder Sword.  The Prince and 
Princess should concentrate on keeping the party healthy, parrying at all other times.
     Once you manage to beat him, head over and use the stairs up to the next floor.


     Head straight across East and toward the stairs inside the roofed area.  Here you'll
encounter Hargon's final bodyguard, Zarlox.
     Hero, strike with that Thunder Sword as usual.  The Prince and Princess should concentrate
on keeping the party healthy as usual, but the Princess should cast Defence whenever possible
to weaken Zarlox and disarm the Increase spell he casts on himself on occasion.
     Once you beat the final bodyguard, climb the stairs to reach Hargon's chambers.


     Cast Stepguard and head toward Hargon.  Once you're off the damage floor, Heal your party
back up to max HP.  If you have a Wizard's Ring, use it to restore your MP as well.
     Once you have restored your power, walk forward and talk to Hargon.  Answer the question 
he asks however you choose, as the answer doesn't really matter.

((( Back to Top )))
     Be careful using the Parry/Attack pattern against Hargon.  While you should definitely
make use of this glitch in the game, you have to be careful when he uses his Sweet Breath
ability to put party members to sleep.  If the Hero falls asleep, then the Prince loses his
ability to use this trick.  Likewise if the Princess falls asleep.  The Hero will lose the 
ability to use this trick if both of the other party members are dozing.
     Big surprise, the Hero should attack with the Thunder Sword.  The Prince should make sure
and concentrate as much as possible on casting Stopspell until Hargon's magic has been 
blocked.  Otherwise, the Prince and Princess should both concentrate on keeping the party at
a good healthy level of HP.

     Once you defeat Hargon, hear his final words as he casts his last spell.  Then walk South
as if trying to leave and fires will begin to light.  You will now find yourself in battle 
with the greater evil, Malroth.


     The Hero should (No?  Really???) Attack with his sword.  The Prince should concentrate on
keeping the party healthy, but the occasional Increase spell when it is no danger to the HP
of the party might be prudent.  The Princess should cast Defence.. ONCE.  It will only work
once, and you'll definitely want to do it to weaken Malroth's strong defensive abilities.
After this lone Defence spell, the Princess duty is to keep the party healed up with Healmore
and Healall.
     Malroth has the annoying habit of casting Healall on himself all the time, and ALMOST
ALWAYS when he is within 50 HP of croaking.  This makes it very difficult to kill Malroth.
Only dumb luck of a tremendous blow at the right time or his (rare) choice not to Healall 
himself when low on HP will see you through this battle.  That is unless you level yourself up
to immense power.

((( Back to Top )))
     With a little skill, and a lot of luck, you'll defeat Malroth.  Rubiss' voice will grant
you praise, then restore you to max HP.  He will then teleport you outside and the Castle of
Hargon will vanish from Rhone.

     Wander the world and listen to the people praise your casting down the enemy who enslaved
the world in darkness.  Don't worry about random encounters, there aren't any.  Barriers and
swamps have also lost their ability to do you harm as well.

     Once you're done basking in the glory of the people, make your way back to Midenhall.  Go
forward and talk to the King.  May as well say Yes to the question he asks you, as you don't
actually have a choice Hehehe....


     Then, watch the ending.  You have proven yourselves true descendants of the blood of 
Erdrick, the legendary DRAGON WARRIOR!!!!

=CREDITS AND ACKNOWLEDGMENTS=*****************************************************************

     First off, as is only natural, gotta thank Enix and all those who worked on the original
Dragon Quest 2 and Dragon Warrior 2.  Without them, I wouldn't have a game to play or write a
FAQ for ^_^
     Thankyou's to Rangar on Dustin's WWWboard for coming up with the treasures for the Mega
Knight and Magic Vampirus ^_^
     Thankyou's to Halla on Dustin's WWWboard for the resale values of Dew's Yarn, the 
Gremlin's Tail, Mirror of Ra, Token of Erdrick, and Watergate Key ^_^
     Big thanks to Dustin, Mohamme, Neil_, Cie, and everybody else in the DQ community who
continually encourage me and keep me working.
     Big thanks to an e-mail tipster (who wishes to remain anonymous ::shrug::) For sending me
the treasure chest listings for Enchanter, Hargon's Knight, and Zarlox.
     And finally, great big THANKYOU'S that can't possibly begin to account for the presence
and encouragement my girl Robin gives me.  You're the wind in my sails, Full speed ahead Mr.

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I am not affiliated with anybody who's stuff appears on any of these pages. I do this for fun and to help people out.
Copyright 1998 Chris Boger