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Your One Stop DW/DQ Music Source since Feb. 16 1998

Greetings and well met traveler! I have long been an acolyte of Dustin's DW/DQ Shrine, basking in the glow of the brilliance there. I traveled far and wide and discovered much in my quest for more artifacts that might be added to the Shrine that it might become even more complete in it's perfection.

In my travels, I was dismayed to discover that much of the work of the bards who weave the music of Dragon Quest was ill filed and difficult to sort out. In no place could I locate an easy to access collection of this wonderful music. I decided that it was my duty to provide the patrons of the Shrine with such an archaive.

Thus, I have added this small alcove to Dustin's Shrine that I may fulfill my wishes of locating individual works quickly and listening to them at leisure. I hope it brings you ease in your own travels throughout the known universe.

Now, noble traveler, step inside my humble abode and bask in the brilliance of the bards!

Darkniciad Cantel Softspake
(Darkni the Enchanter)

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and buy the games! Keep Enix and Dragon Warrior alive in the US!

Drop on down by
Dustin's Dragon Quest/Warrior Shrine
and join the DQ Community!

Game information, community message board, downloads, and great original DQ Fanart everywhere!

Dustin's is one of the longest running US DQ pages on the 'Net. For a very long time it was the hub of all the hopes and dreams of seeing Dragon Warrior in the US again. We never gave up, we never surrendered, and we were *always* working. Now, that work has payed off! Here's to many more Dragon Warrior games! Thanks Dustin, Cie, Mohamme, Neil_, Dwaine, and everyone else who stuck through the long hard fight with me!

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The Goblin's Domain

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Zenethia from DW 4

Dragon Warrior and Dragon Quest are copyrighted concepts. This is simply a fan page and no toe stepping or stealing is intended. This site is in no way affiliated with or supported by Enix of Japan, Enix of America or anybody else who owns the original copyright and trademarks to this amazing series. It is simply my wish to keep the public informed of the wonders of DQ so that it might once more return to the former glory it held in the US.

Everything else (C) Christopher Lee Boger