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Dragon Warrior VII Midi

Table legend at bottom of table
Dragon Warrior VII Complete MIDI Zip File
Midi 3.1! -?- Notation
Theme Music - - -
The Opening - A Dusty Levi
Wandering about the Overworld - - -
Overworld 2 - - -
Travel through time from The Ruins - - -
The Ruins 2 - A Weblink(Japanese)
Exploring a Castle - - -
Castle 2 - - -
Castle 3 - - -
Castle 4 - - -
Wandering about Town - - -
Town 2 - - -
Town 3 - - -
The story begins in Fishbell - A Aske(Weblink)
Danger awaits as you climb the Tower - A Weblink
Monsters lurk in the darkness of the Cave - A Weblink
The enemy attacks! Fight! - A Weblink
Battle 2 - A Weblink
Gather your courage and face the Boss Battle - A Kamiy(Weblink)
Getting around the world on the Sailing Ship - A Weblink(Japanese)
Soaring through the clouds on the Sky Stone - A Komicho(Weblink)
Celebrate at the Festival - - -
Sadness - A Weblink(Japanese)
Sad Day - A Weblink(Japanese)
3.1! column: an asterick (*) means this file does not function properly on Win 3.1 systems and their associated browsers. For more info on this see Help Page
-?- column: There are several letters which may be entered here. They represent the following...
(I) Identified by (C) Contributed by (A) Author (T) Thanks for info (P) Not enough room! Link to acknowledgement page
Note column: Most often used to identify a name the -?- column pertains to.

Dragon Warrior and Dragon Quest are copyrighted concepts. This is simply a fan page and no toe stepping or stealing is intended. This site is in no way affiliated with or supported by Enix of Japan or anybody else who owns the original copyright and trademarks to this amazing series. It is simply my wish to keep the public informed of the wonders of DQ so that it might once more return to the former glory it held in the US.

Everything else (C) Christopher Lee Boger